Progress Report: Codename Polycule – 1

So! This is the launch of a new irregular column in which I talk about the projects I like to work on that aren’t covered by non-disclosure agreements (sorry anyone interested in my day-job). It will be divided into sub columns for lack of a better phrasing by project, and numbered, just to enable someone overcome with curiosity mixed with boredom to read about a project from its relative inception.

So what is Codename: Polycule?

Well, about a month and a half ago I was having a conversation with a couple of friends over dinner that drifted, as conversations do, to whether between the three of us we could assemble a cadre of evil exes รก la the Scott Pilgrim franchise. Now, normally, this is the sort of thing that gives you some catharsis, maybe leads to a few jokes about y’all dating and then be over with.
But it stuck to me. I started just thinking about how that dynamic would work–the three of us as a power trio. And so this project was born: A turn based RPG made in RPG Maker (due to ease of use) about a polycule having to team up against their evil exes.

But wait, what is a Polycule?

A Polycule is a term for a multi-person relationship. There are some example polyamorous structures to the left, but essentially it’s a way of portraying the way multiple people are connected in the same visual style one draws out the atoms that make up a molecule, or the vertices and lines that make up a polygon.

Ok, back to the GAME

So, I drafted up some fictionalized versions of some of our exes, earmarked some ideas to fill in the gaps, mapped out what I want the trio’s roles in combat to be, planned out the rough setting, etc etc etc. I tend to use JIRA for ticketing when working on projects–I need to have more structure than just some notes–and so I’ve been building out tickets; I’m up to almost 100 so far, mostly just figuring out what I need for the first ex’s segment.

I also have set up a twine story that’s basically just for me to model narrative flow and write scenes. RPG Maker is great, but is a little clunky for on the fly edits. So lots of planning done.
And of course I’ve started to plan out locations and graphics within RPG Maker itself, and I have at least my initial graphics for the main trio. Names, appearances, everything is super subject to change, but hey, that’s how it goes.

I think that’s a good place to end this first update: Next up will likely be about the first Evil Ex and their arc/dungeon/minions but we’ll see! The winds of change are fickle and chilly. Wear a sweatshirt.