This blog is going to be a bit of a mess.
I’m starting it to try to organize and regulate my writing–to get myself to write something, and something of hopefully discernible quality, on a regular basis.

The main reoccurring column will be game reviews/essays. Every game I review, many of which are very much not new games, to be clear, will have an essay written about it as well. These essays will analyze the game, some specific feature within it, or its place in a grander arc in the genre, without so much being a by the numbers critique of the game.

The games are chosen based on random numbers from a master list of games I’ve beaten.

Reviews are on a 10 point system, with 1-4 being un-recommended, save for special circumstances, 5-7 being average or only valued with certain caveats, and 8-10 being games of a higher calibur, or at least games with which I have a strong personal bias.

In addition to games writing, I may analyze books, tv, etc at my discretion, as well as post about my non-analysis writing, which is mostly poetry and short form prose.