My Other Book is a Graphic Novel: 2019 in Comics


Battle Angel Alita 1-3 (Yukito Kishiro, Viz Media, 1995-204)

It’s…it was fine? There was one story in the middle involving Alita falling in love with a boy that was literally harvesting cybernetics and selling them for a chance for a better life that I thought played out pretty well, but otherwise it just felt very generic? Though maybe it came first? I don’t know.

Goddess Mode (Zoe Quinn & Robbi Rodriguez & Rico Renzi, DC Vertigo, 2019) 🌟

Picked this one up on a whim from a display in the local comic shop and ate it up. Blending magic with cyberpunk, it follows a quartet of women that have no choice but to fight against the system to stay alive, each of them the “Oracle” of some concept, Overflow, Noise, Garbage, etc. The art pops and the characters have more life to them than I would have expected from a one-volume miniseries. Super queer to boot.

Invisible Kingdom 1: Walking the Path (G Willow Wilson & Christian Ward, Dark Horse, 2019) 🌟

The first non-Ms. Marvel work I’ve read by G. Willow Wilson, Invisible Kingdom feels very much like a response to works like Saga–colorful cast of characters, obviously richly developed world with galaxy spanning factions–but without the sex and gore. The art reminded me of a more refined version of the art in ODY-C–which I found to be difficult as the colors were almost too much–and it’s no wonder as Ward was also the artist on that book. I quite liked what I’ve read so far, and I’m looking forward to more adventures of nun and space lesbian vs. the combined forces of Amazon and the Catholic Church.

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