My Other Book is a Graphic Novel: 2019 in Comics


Maria the Virgin Witch Volume 2 (Masayuki Ishikawa, Kodansha, 2015)

I should have reread the first volume before diving in, since it’s been like two years, but I still find it an enjoyable if odd read. Good setting, fun character interactions, horrendous costuming.

Altair Record of Battles Vol 1-4 (Kotano Kono, Kodansha, 2017-2019)

While being an interesting setting in the short term(that being the Middle East, most manga really sticking to Japan or European aesthetics), Altair just didn’t really pull me in in any meaningful way–I read as much as I did not due to its own appeal but because it was already on my tablet and I was giving it a fighting chance. 

Drifting Dragons 1-3 (Taku Kuwabara, Kodansha, 2017-2018) 🌟

Another manga that I shouldn’t be able to like, Drifting Dragons is essentially a manga about whaling–a practice I despise–but instead subbing in dragons for the whales. Chock full of action packed aerial hunting, recipes on how to cook dragons and one woman sort of finding her own place in that world, I really should have bounced off and just…didn’t.

Cry Wolf Girl (Ariel Ries, ShortBox, 2019)

A visually inventive take on the girl who cried wolf, mixing it with one of the key lessons I’ve learned about PTSD–it’s easier when you aren’t alone.

Flying witch 4 volumes (Chihiro Ishizuka & Melissa Tanaka, Vertical Comics, 2017) 🌟

MORE WHOLESOME WITCHES PLEASE. It’s just…so comforting and calm and I want to read more of it and maybe watch it if there is an English dub so I can just sort of sit back with tea and maybe close my eyes and absorb the herbs and simple spells and simple lives that the characters lead.

Princess Knight (Full series) (Osamu Tezuka & Maya Rosewood, Vertical Comics, 2011)

Princess Knight. Great book, expressive characters and action, good premise. The angel Tink was maybe a bit much and having a late game villain of Venus when they had previously been riffing on Christianity was odd, but Sapphire’s struggle with being a woman but having to live as a man certainly resonated with me.

Barbarous chapter 1 & 2 (Yuko Ota & Ananth Hirsh, Johnny Wander, 2017-2018)

Urban fantasy story about a woman that struggles with trained but unpredictable magic becoming a handyman in an apartment complex. I haven’t read that much of it (roughly the equivalent of one normal sized trade paperback) but I’m looking forward to reading more. Can also be found online, but I find the over-sized physical format that the Kickstarter editions come in to be strangely comforting.

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