My Other Book is a Graphic Novel: 2019 in Comics


Check Please (Ngozi Ukazu, First Second(:01), 2018) 🌟

I read the first volume (Freshman-Sophomore year) of “Check, Please”  and it was just DELIGHTFUL. Always a treat to read a comic where the characters feel alive, and even the side characters have their own real issues, whether or not the main character deals with them. It’s also adorably gay in the best way.

The Elusive Mr. Vanderbridge (Cat Parra, Margins Publishing, 2019)

Dueling investigative reporters chasing down a story of the titular Vanderbridge, trying to figure out where he goes for his drinks in Prohibition America. It of course ends in romance, as it is a Dates short story.

Vampire Emmy and Garbage Girl (Pat Shand & Roberta Ingranata, Margins Publishing, 2019)

A Dates short story, this time with monster girl lesbians. Just a short and quick little meet-cute that becomes a relationship once both parties learn the other’s true self. 

My Brother’s Husband Volume 2 (Gengoroh Tagame, Pantheon, 2018) 🌟

The finale of Tagame’s work about homosexuality’s perception in Japan hits a tad on the nose sometimes with the protagonist’s inner thoughts, but it paints that bittersweet picture of hope that one day gay people in Japan might just be able to be who they are; but today is likely not that day. Poignant and heart-wrenching.

Pass the Baton (Hana Chatani, ShortBox, 2019)

A book about the power of simple gestures to change lives; funny, heartwarming, and casually gay. I love stories where characters just ARE queer where it isn’t directly about that.

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