My Other Book is a Graphic Novel: 2019 in Comics


The Witch Boy (Molly Knox Ostertag, Scholastic, 2017) 🌟

Ostertag is really good. A tale of gender roles with little to nothing to do with actual gender expression, instead focusing on different powers being the purview of different genders of witches, and the pressures that that puts on those that do not conform to those strict roles. Well worth the read and the start to a great series. 

The Hidden Witch (Molly Knox Ostertag, Scholastic, 2018) 🌟

Another solid entry in the series. Hidden Witch takes the gender politics starting point and builds a story about how different people shoulder and heal from trauma; it’s a compelling work and I loved seeing the characters grow and stand together to face the literal and emotional darkness.

The Princess Who Saved Herself/The Princess Who Saved Her Friends (Greg Pak & Johnathon Coulton & Takeshi Miyazawa & Jessica Kholinne & Triona Farrell & Simon Bowland, Pak Man & JoCo, Year)

Adorable children’s books with some good lessons about making friends, standing up for yourself, being kind and even how to be friends after a fight and how to lose gracefully. Just solid stuffs.

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