My Other Book is a Graphic Novel: 2019 in Comics


My Solo Exchange Diary Vol 2 (Nagata Kabi, Seven Seas, 2019) 🌟

Continuing to deal with the consequences of her actions, namely in writing My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness and the last Solo Exchange Diary really helps to frame who the author is; she isn’t really embellishing when she’s writing, she’s simply writing her life–and hurting others in the process. It’s a book about trying to be better and I respect that.

Persepolis (Marjane Satrapi, Pantheon, 2003) 🌟

Persepolis just feels so real. It’s easy to write a book from the point of view of someone living through tragic times and to paint them as perfectly innocent and sympathetic, but that wasn’t who the author was, and that isn’t what she did. She’s flawed, young, and very much at the heart of something she could not hope to understand but that could end her life in a moment if it so chose. Just…haunting. 

At the Edge of the Stream at Dusk (Jen Lee, ShortBox, 2019)

Great little biopic comic about someone’s relationship failing, starting a new job and a new life and trying to get back on your feet. It’s a good dose of practical inspiration–Lee isn’t saying life will be perfect, just that you can start over and be ok again.

Wander (Yuko Ota & Amanth Hirsh, Johnny Wander, 2019)

Travelogue! Had mostly read before, but Ota and Hirsh’s adventures just always feel so relatable and even comforting to read. It makes me want to write a travelogue too. 

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