Fire Emblem Three Houses: A Completely Subjective Ranking

54. Miklan

An almost sympathetic villain! That isn’t a party member in a different route! Fire Emblem normally has a few more non-playable sympathetic baddies, but Miklan will have to do! He makes a great foil to Sylvain in how they are both impacted by the need of the nobles to have Crests in their families, which might be why he’s this high on the list.

53. Cornelia

Normal Brain: I mean, she’s all right as a villain but pretty cookie cutter. Lesbian brain: she got the goooooods. She’s kind of excessively sexualized to be honest, but I assume that’s due to the setting of a school resulting in most characters being more modestly dressed.

52. Solon

I don’t think we every really dip into his motivations–he’s an evil scientist and you defeat him after he causes great harm. But he’s just..evil.

51. Thales

Another just evil, though at least this guy has style, in an evil dictator sort of way. He’s also really reckless and risks his own people and home a lot…just like a certain Blue Lions leader that we know and love.

50. Seiros

She’s mean, she’s green, she’s the closest thing you get to killing a god and honestly she really should have been the final boss of more routes. There was definitely a lot of alluded to anti-Church sentiment that really didn’t get dug into in the way I wanted–Seiros’s small role is emblematic of that.

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