Fire Emblem Three Houses: A Completely Subjective Ranking

59. Volkhard

Broody McSchemeFace over here does a lot of background plot but is very very rarely directly dealt with, keeping him from shining.

58. Monica

Being the only student with a face and name that isn’t playable keeps Monica from being completely forgotten, which her dull-in-comparison design and plot device personality would have her be.

57. Duke Aegir

Another pretty forgettable supporting villain, gets bonus points for apparently not being a total waste of time (though you only learn this after the fact.)

56. Pallardó

Only this high because I enjoyed the bait and switch when you fight him. He’s also the only character in the game whose USA English localized name has any sort of accent mark, so that’s fun.

55. Randolph

An interesting case in that he is portrayed as heroic in some routes, at least honorable in others. He is the only one of the Empire bonus units you get to use that didn’t seem to purposefully get himself killed which was solid, but he isn’t really interesting beyond those things.

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