Fire Emblem Three Houses: A Completely Subjective Ranking

Everyone Else

64. Ionius IX

Ionius is in one scene in the game itself where he does little of worth, and caused many of the problems politically by being too weak to counter Lord Arundel, putting him solidly on the bottom of this list.

63. Tomas

Tomas is sort of just…there. Old guy, doesn’t really give relevant information or take part in story beats. In a word, boring.

62. Kostas

Generic Fire Emblem bandit boss is generic, but at least he has a personality to him, even if it is just sort of baseline evil and pillage-hungry.

61. Lonato

I want to like Lonato more, but in the end, while his militia loves him, we don’t really see WHY that is, outside of Ashe’s support conversations, which are mostly serving to boost opinions of Ashe himself. He’s a character that would have been more impactful in a smaller game, but fades compared to the larger plots.

60. Metodey

He’s a punk. Most of the rankings this far down are pretty arbitrary, but he was more memorably visually than Lonato I guess?

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