Fire Emblem Three Houses: A Completely Subjective Ranking

5. Dedue

Dedue being the gentle giant with a heart of gold seen as a monster/other is hardly a new way to build a character, but it works. He doesn’t view himself as inferior, but accepts that many will look upon him with fear. Those that don’t do so build friendships with him that are among the most valued they can make — I don’t know how to build him up beyond that.

4. Dorothea

Dorothea is my favorite person that I married in my runs. She’s aware of how the world works and is doing her best to make sure that she has a path forward where she is secure. She’s the only non-noble in Black Eagles and it shows in her dedication to…finding a husband (or wife) to make sure she is taken care of. This isn’t selling her well but I promise–she’s a good time. That’s still not selling her well. Puts foot in mouth, moves onto next entry.

3. Leonie

Leonie’s goal is to be a better Jeralt than Byleth can be and I fully support her in all of her endeavors. At least one of her endings has her broke and spending huge amounts on food in taverns like the barbarian she is…do I really need to go on?

2. Edelgard

Oh Edie. Ye of strong ambitions, ironclad morals, and a willingness to do terrible things in order to correct the wrongs in the world. I don’t think that Intelligent Systems had really played with an “evil” lord before you, and maybe that’s what has caused you to leave such a strong impression upon my heart.
That and the fact that we totally were in lesbians with each other.

1. Claude

My beloved Claude. The prankster, the dreamer, the one who is willing to play the long game with the goal of truth, peace, and an end to the divisions between his homes. Claude is complex, impeccably handsome, useful in combat, a joy to talk to and to watch talking to others and honestly just my favorite lord is possibly the whole series. Hats off to you sir.

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