Fire Emblem Three Houses: A Completely Subjective Ranking

11. Sylvain

A womanizer on the surface, a bitter victim of his birth beneath, Sylvain is far more than he appears at first and he is better for it. Talk to him, trust me. He and his family are a great microcosm of the issues central to the core plots of the game.

10. Petra

TOP TEN TOP TEN. (My excitement makes far more sense when you realize I wrote this backwards so all of the one-off villains were written first.)
Petra is lovely–she’s strong, determined, has purpose outside of the concerns of Fódlan itself and is altogether making the most of basically being Edelgard’s hostage. My biggest issue is that I found she didn’t gravitate easily towards any one specific class/combat usage, which isn’t really an issue at all.

9. Dimitri

Dimitri is an angry wolf boy who had a lot in his past to justify his actions, but still makes me want to put him on a leash before he bites off more than he can kill. A great lord character, but I liked my time with him less than with Edelgard or Claude. There is a subset of Twitter that’s super thirsty for him though, and I respect that. (The Post-timeskip adult version of him that is).

8. Ingrid

Ingrid is the rigid knight that others on this list only dream of being. Her racism subplot has had mixed reception–I thought her having to overcome her bias (which was caused by a literal slaughter before the game started)–was well handled in her conversations with Dedue; but I’m not the best person to judge. She’s just so damn dependable. And her support conversations with Sylvain and Felix are highly enjoyable too!

7. Bernadetta

Bernadetta is extremely relatable. She has to pep herself up to do any non-trivial task; she’d rather hide in her room writing than interact with people; she even has a lot of family baggage (like basically the entire cast does), etc. Her unique skill to sometimes just…attack an extra time is pretty stellar, but honestly I mostly just enjoyed spending time with her via all of her support conversations and watching her grow.

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