Fire Emblem Three Houses: A Completely Subjective Ranking

21. Ashe

SMOL BEAN MUST PROTECT. Just a kind soul and a good archer. Everything else is worth more finding out in game.

19. Felix

Woo! We’ve entered the top twenty! Felix is just so cutting and so stubborn that I have to respect him. He’s a jerk but an extremely justifiable one. He doesn’t brook nonsense from his country’s prince and he really can go toe-to-toe with most other melee units. Just a solid pick.

18. Lysithea

Strong, tragic backstory, fond of soft things, strong, feels like she needs to constantly assert her maturity due to being the youngest member of the case, did I mention strong? Perhaps a Fire Emblem staple but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

17. Raphael

I love my big strong dumb guy who eats so much meat he gets bigger and dumber. I shouldn’t. Even writing that sentence made me feel guilty; but Raphael is so genuine that I couldn’t help but adore him. He’s like Winnie-the-Pooh but he’ll punch you if you’re evil and he has a little sister that he loves very much and he’s just precious.

16. Caspar

Where Raphael is the bear, Caspar is the scrapper. Loves a good fight, Edward Elric level self-consciousness about his height and a willingness to throw bonds to the curb to fight for what’s right–Caspar was a beloved member of my team.

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