Fire Emblem Three Houses: A Completely Subjective Ranking

34. Ferdinand

I am Ferdinand Von Aegir! …That’s it, that’s all I got. Next.
Ok, that’s not quite all. Ferdinand is a case of being a rival to another character (Edelgard) who feels the bite of every accomplishment she makes while knowing that he will support her if she bests him. In a smaller game their dynamic would likely drive a few chapters, but in Three Houses he’s just another face in the crowd.

32. Linhardt

Lindhardt is the only gay male romance option available for M!Byleth (F!Byleth has three) which should be major points in his favor but…
I’m just not a huge “this person’s personality is that they’d rather be asleep” fan. The crest researcher aspects of him are a nice extra layer, but they don’t actually impact anything outside of supports, which makes him outclassed by Hanneman.

31. Ignatz

Smol art boy should be protected at all costs. His conversations with Raphael are so so good for fleshing both of them out in great ways, especially in regards to their shared history. He isn’t as, perhaps poppy?, as some of his classmates, and his archery does pale compared to Claude or the dedicated archers from other classes though.

23. Hubert

Hubert is so blatantly evil he plots to assassinate Byleth in their support conversations. It’s ridiculous but he’s just…so capable that I couldn’t leave him lower on the list. Props for committing to the bit Hubert.

22. Hilda

Hilda is such a beast with an axe that it’s almost insulting how much she claims she doesn’t belong on the battle. She’s crafty, sociable, and I may have used her to help influence a LARP character.


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