Fire Emblem Three Houses: A Completely Subjective Ranking

27. Seteth

Seteth is the overbearing older sibling I never wanted. He cares and I have to credit him for that–and the fact that he writes fables is a nice little character choice. He’s ranked this well mostly on fan comics of him and Jeralt to be honest.

26. Judith

Sure, Judith doesn’t have a huge impact on the plot and she isn’t playable and mostly is there to look good and be an authority figure and…
Ok, I don’t really have a good reason for liking Judith I just thought she was real cool. Plus she’s already an established Hero how cool is that?

25. Hanneman

Hanneman is an interesting spin to the main conflicts of the game of Noble vs. Commoner, as he gave up his nobility–though it was to research a phenomenon primarily present in the nobility. He’s dedicated, quite powerful in combat, and amusing to see riff off of Manuela, which puts him towards the top.

24. Cyril

Cyril is sort of the archetype of starts-weak-finishes-strong that Donal, Ross and many others have been in prior games, but all the students are like that which muddies things. He does have the interesting story beat of being a foreigner — but they don’t really play with it the way they do with Claude, Shamir or even Petra; instead he basically renounces his heritage in favor of fanaticism. Works reasonably well in one route but not in the others.

20. Manuela

Manuela feels like a transplant from another series–she’s vain, lovelorn, very very physical, and honestly kind of pouty? She’s got a lot of heart and just wants to find someone that can deal with her, which is harder than it sounds. Just fun to watch interact with folks, specially Dorothea whom she has shared history with.

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