Fire Emblem Three Houses: A Completely Subjective Ranking

37. Rhea

She’s just mean? Like the entire focus of the game could have been about Church corruption and her being some sort of actually evil figurehead, but that plot is largely sidestepped in favor of the conflict between nations and conquests. She’s just creepy and overbearing and cruel.

33. Rodrigue

An interesting counterpoint to Felix, Rodrigue is a dedicated solider that, despite his appearance, is neither evil nor playable. There’s an interesting tension that you can introduce between he and Byleth that I enjoyed as well, over whether you agree with Felix during a paralogue.

30. Nader

He’s boisterous, he’s powerful, Claude looks up to him; what more could I need?

29. Flame Emperor

Full thoughts are pretty spoiler heavy, so I guess I’ll just say that the helmet is pretty cool.

28. Flayn

Flayn embodies the sweet young girl trope–up to and including being kidnapped early in the story–and while she is feisty and almost dizzyingly earnest she doesn’t really hold a candle to most of her peers.

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