Fire Emblem Three Houses: A Completely Subjective Ranking

49. Ladislava

If Ladislava was a student she’d likely be as high on my list as Ingrid–they scratch a similar itch–but she doesn’t have enough time to be developed in the few chapters she’s around for.

48. Acheron

He’s a two-faced fop and I want to boop his nose and put him to work to build character. Alas, while he does appear pre-and post timeskip he doesn’t really uhh…matter.

47. Death Knight

Death Knight is this high not for his personality, which isn’t anything to write home about, but for how he incorporates optional challenge in most of his appearances. Even in my runs where I was grossly overleveled, he was still dangerous, but being the only source of Dark Seals makes him so so enticing to fight. Just a good wrinkle in those chapters.

46. Kronya

Kronya embodies like, manic energy and murderous deviousness and I wish she was fought more than once cause I feel like she could have been a nice late game right-hand to most of the other villains.

44. Lambert

Hot dad is hot. No further comment.

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