Fire Emblem Three Houses: A Completely Subjective Ranking

I have played…approximately 227 hours of Fire Emblem: Three Houses since it was released in July. I have beaten every route once, engaged in every gay romance option the main character can pursue, and now that I am free of the fixation, wanted to do something on the blog to celebrate the game.
So, I forked the generic favorites picker used for and made, a favorites picker for all the characters in the game, with filters to only do the students, only playable characters, etc etc.

As a bonus I have here my list of all of the characters, ordered using that app, and a blurb about each of them–think a top 10 list just way, way, way, (did I say way?) too long.

Please note: My list is divided into two groups: the playable students and all other characters. Since this contains all of the characters in the game there is risk of spoilers–I have tried to keep them to a minimum but several characters very existence could be seen as such, particularly for the Verdant Wind and Crimson Flower routes. Also, characters that have a disguise are treated as two characters in regards to entries on the list because that was fun? I guess?

Numbering reflects the COMPLETE ORDERING of all characters.

Also please note, dear lord I do not recommend trying to write sixty-something blurbs about characters no matter how much you love many of them. My words are tired. This is all terribly written, just use the fun tool.

To see my list in my picker app, go here.

Coming Out; Staying In.

It’s National Coming Out Day and I’m seeing people
 sharing their identities in chats
          Heart reacts only, finding comfort in each
          other’s acceptance.
It’s National Coming Out Day and the Supreme Court
 is debating whether I can be fired for who I am.
It’s National Coming Out Day and I’m learning
 more about my friends and neighbors, who
 they are; why they are.
          It’s affirming to know that I am 
          not alone.
It’s National Coming Out Day and I’m reading
 a blog where a mutual was beaten for being trans.
          For being like Me.
It’s National Coming Out Day and I all I can
 remember is what I’ve lost getting to his point. 
          The dear, dear friend who, upon being
            the first person I ever came out to,
            cut ties.
          The faith that had no place for someone
            outside of their goals.
          The privilege of walking down the street
            without worrying if someone will decide
            that my very presence is an affront
            to their senses. 
It’s National Coming Out Day and all I want to do
 is not be seen.

– Morgan L’Fey