Crowdfunding: Love Shore

Hello and welcome to “Sometimes I Pay Money for Things That Don’t Exist Yet” the part of the show blog where I talk about projects that I have Kickstarted or otherwise financially supported before they are released. In general these are projects that I think look really cool, or show some unique promise, but sometimes I just know people involved (which I will disclaim where applicable.) Without further Ado: Love Shore by Perfect Garbage

Crowdfunding Status: Successful!
Targeted Release Date: 2021
Targeted Release Platform: Windows/Mac/Linux
Genre: Sci-Fi, Visual Novel

There’s more info on the Kickstarter of course, but I mostly wanted to call out Love Shore for the team’s dedication to having LGBT characters in their visual novel–and considering the visual novel revolves around sort of “next-gen” humans, it’ll be really interesting if they will play with the intersection of transgender and transhumanism. I don’t really have a ton more to say on this one–look forward to me giving hopefully at least a couple updates before it releases in 2021.

One thought on “Crowdfunding: Love Shore

  1. Dude I am such a tragic Kickstarter junkie. I know that feel. This one looks lovely and I agree I love seeing good LGBTQ rep in games.

    Unrelated: You should stop by the Geek Blogs United facebook group and say hello! All the bloggers there are super supportive of one another. As a relatively new gaming blogger, I highly recommend getting involved in the community as it will give your follower count a quick boost. 🙂


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