Project Octopath Traveler– The Demo

Hi Blog! Long time no see? Been well. I’ve been busy but hopefully can visit more often now as September wraps up. 

So I bought myself a Nintendo Switch last month, and while I don’t have that many games for it yet (and I want to spend more time thinking about Severed before I do a write up) I want to talk today about the demo for Square Enix’s “Project Octopath Traveler” (working title, thank goodness).

tl;dr.  I got a bit nitpicky in this post. In short, I liked the demo for Project Octopath Traveller but I’m not planning to preorder it or planning my life around it based on some flaws I’ve seen. That said several of those flaws are possibly confined just to the demo, so I am wary to say skip the game.
Also the soundtrack is great.

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